Text means Tissue 
February 2017
Nationale, Portland, Oregon

Text means Tissue; but whereas hitherto we have always taken this tissue as a product, a ready-made veil, behind which lies, more or less hidden, meaning (truth), we are now emphasizing, in the tissue, the generative idea that the text is made, is worked out in a perpetual interweaving; lost in this tissue—this texture—the subject unmakes himself, like a spider dissolving in the constructive secretions of its web. Were we fond of neologism, we might define the theory of the text as an hyphology (hyphos is the tissue and the spider’s web).
-The Pleasure of the Text, Roland Barthes

Text means Tissue is an interdisciplinary collaborative exhibition featuring woven
textiles and the written word, with a particular focus on femininity. Parallels between textile and feminine nature are numerous, and appear repeatedly throughout history and art. Textiles have functioned as a substrate onto which women have expressed their experiences and, more functionally, clothed and protected themselves and their families. Text means Tissue proposes the idea that articulation in cloth and word are interchangeable, and creates a contemporary framework for a dialogue that women have been shaping for centuries. Bringing together a group of 30 women, this project explores how contemporary female-identifying artists approach this longstanding platform.

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