Light Journal, Published by Nationale, Designed by Charlotte Taillet, Edition of 200, 2020

Weaving Language II: Language is Image, Paper, Code & Cloth, Published by information as material, Expanded Edition of 500, 2018

Weaving Language III: Writing in Threads, Reproduction, Edition of 100, 2017

Woven Places, Published by Some Other Books, Designed by Charlotte Taillet, Edition of 150, 2018

Text Means Tissue, Edition of 200, 2017

Manuscript Fragment, Edition of 8, 2016

Writing in Threads, Newspaper, Edition of 150, 2015

The New Concrete, Survey of Concrete Poetry in the Digital Age, 2015

Weaving Language, 3 Book Series, Edition of 5, 2015

I honor the huge blue, Gauss PDF, 2014

Primary Source, Open Edition, Gauss PDF, 2014

Weaving Language Lexicon, First Edition, Edition of 100, 2012

Picture Plane, Edition of 100, 2011

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