Woven Places is an inquiry into sense of place through location-based weavings, photos and ephemera.

Artist's Book, Edition of 150

Designed by Charlotte Taillet

Published by Some Other Books

Available for purchase.

"The first section of the book offers high-resolution photographs of the small woven works she created on location; the reader is given more details on materials used and when and where the weaving was made. The additional information feels appropriate here, where the weavings are treated as archival objects. One favorite, woven in Joseph, Oregon, combines Wallowa County Cheiftan newspaper strips with polyester cord and wool. The second half of Woven Places is an evocative arrangement of photographs, state park brochures, jotted notes and other collage elements. A fully artistically resolved journal of inspiration and documentation, these pages offer some of the strongest imagery supporting Capone’s investigation into place." - Lindsay Costello

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